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Before the chaos of the last two and half years Renée worked closely with Shopify clients building and rebuilding online stores and offering strategic advice and one on one training.

Renée now spends time growing her own online business (check out FaceStuff Co here), fetching snacks for two small children and re-recording the online courses as well as offering one on one training sessions.

Renée has some limited spots available for one on one strategy sessions if you'd like to know how to start or grow your current business, how to understand your data or how to better manage your email database.

Tamara has been working with Shopify clients for the last four years in between managing a very busy toddler. Tamara offers Shopify builds and rebuilds (you can see her portfolio here) and has just re-branded her online marketplace Sourced Society.

Alana has been trained by Renée and Tamara over the last couple of years, working with their clients and on FaceStuff Co and Sourced Society. Alana is available for adhoc and ongoing Shopify work.


Harrïe & Sam

Harrïe & Sam is a women’s clothing business – all pieces are designed and made in Aotearoa.

Renée started working with Stacey in 2018 when she was a team of one. Renée managed the business for Stacey when she got married and had a much needed break and coached and trained Stacey in the functionality of Shopify as well as helping with the new season re-launches of the website.

Stacey’s team has now grown to four (five if you count baby Jimmy) and Renée has had recent strategy sessions with Stacey, Jacinta and Rochelle. Rochelle manages sales and admin so Renée took her through the functionality to make her life easier.

Jacinta recently upgraded the store to OS2.0 and the brand has released their winter range. Renée has been working with Jacinta on making the most of the functionality of OS2.0 and Alana will be working with Jacinta to make updates across the site.

Work with Renée

The Birdcage

Tina opened The Birdcage in 2014 - the perfect mix of florals, gifts, homewares and accessories on the main street of Te Awamutu in the Waikato. When Renée met with Tina it was to discuss taking The Birdcage online.

Tina had started building a Shopify site but needed an extra pair of hands to pull it all together and get it ready to go live - those extra hands were provided by Renée. Renée managed the product uploads and categorising the products into collections.

Renée set the site up ready for launch and then Tina worked hard, driving her existing customers to her website. Taking her business online has meant that Tina’s customer base has grown outside of Te Awamutu and was a huge asset during lockdowns.

Work with Renée

Little Hair Co

Little Hair Co is a small, friendly hair salon based in Kirikiriroa/Hamilton.

Renée took Sophie’s salon online in record time using a free theme and a csv file during the very first lockdown in March of 2020. They used a subdomain and connected the store to Sophie’s original Squarespace site.

Sophie has kept the site updated with new products meaning her clients can continue to purchase their ethical hair care products during lockdowns and former clients can still be customers

Renée and Sophie have locked in some strategy sessions to take the store to the next level by upgrading to an OS2.0 theme and move completely to Shopify from Squarespace.

Sophie plans to increase her product range and step up her digital marketing to grow the online aspect of her business – exciting times for her after what has been a (very) tough couple of years.

Work with Renée

Social Light

Laura is an electrician and lighting designer who has designed and manufactured her own bespoke lights.

Renée and Tamara joined forces to work with Laura moving her website from WordPress to Shopify. Laura wanted to make the move so that she could made edits and updates in house and easily add products, pages and content.

Renée and Laura have some strategy sessions booked in so that Renée can step Laura through the new functionality of OS2.0 and optimise Laura’s Shopify site for the international market as she starts making moves to go global.

Alana will step in and work with Laura to make the agreed updates to products, collections and pages using the new templates designed using OS2.0.

Work with Renée

White Fox & Co

Melissa has a strong background in retail and recruitment, and she bought this business and then started to make it her own.

Melissa worked with Renée to move the website from an outdated platform to Shopify and timed it with a rebrand to re-launch the site with a fresh new look and an exciting range of new products. Melissa was an absolute dream client.

Renée built the Shopify site for Melissa and they worked together to ensure the website offered a superior user experience (or UX) and that the whole site was optimised for search engine optimization (or SEO).

Melissa has made a huge effort to maintain the online store exquisitely despite her business (and family) growing in the years since, and it still looks just as good (if not better) as the day Renée handed it over.

Work with Renée

Flour & Bloom

Amanda is a wonder woman. A mother of four with a husband that works away, and she not only bakes cakes, she grows her own flowers.

Amanda approached Renée about pulling together a super simple website so that she didn't have to take orders manually via email or Facebook.

Renée whipped up a site for Amanda using a free theme, and Amanda's business grew steadily with the new streamlined process.

Amanda and Renée have locked in some sessions to go through the functionality of OS2.0 and hatch a plan for taking Flour & Bloom to the next phase.

Work with Renée

Integrative Alchemist

Renée has been a client of Alesha for almost 10 years and when Alesha sold her business in Kirikiriroa/Hamilton to open a salon in Pirongia she asked Renée to help her with the rebrand.

Renée worked with Kelly from Creative Box to bring Alesha's branding vision to life. Renée set up Alesha's Facebook and Instagram pages and gave her a crash course in social media.

Renée worked with Alesha in her previous business, setting up a Shopify store so her clients could buy their beauty products online, Alesha intends to do the same with her new business.

Work with Renée

Lend Me The Dress

Kristelle saw an exciting gap in the market and introduced a niche variation on dress rental - dresses for pregnant people for maternity shoots and functions.

Renée worked closely with Kristelle to figure out what functionality she needed the Lend Me The Dress website to have as well as putting together the terms and conditions.

Kristelle's business has gone from strength to strength as her range of maternity wear has extended to offer a gorgeous selection of high quality pieces for pregnant people.

Work with Renée

Little Hummingbird

Mallarie and Renée met at antenatal class nearly four years ago and have been firm friends ever since. Mallarie decided to start an online business and Renée supported her with how to get started.

The business started as bespoke cot and bassinet sheets using especially designed hand drawn patterns and has grown in the years since to include a range of pyjamas for children and women as well as clothing and accessories.

Mallarie and her husband built the Shopify store and Renée still helps out with important questions like which pattern or design she likes best. Renée and Mallarie are due to catch up in the next couple of months to plan the upgrade of Mallarie’s online store to OS2.0.

Once Mallarie and Renée have planned the outline, Renée will manage the upgrade and Alana will build the new product, page and collection templates.

Work with Alana

Luxe Skin & Beauty

Tyla bought Luxe Skin & Beauty in Te Awamutu after working in the business for some time. The busy beauty salon didn’t have an online store, and Tyla wanted an option for her clients to buy online as well as taking the opportunity to debut her new branding online.

Renée and Tamara joined forces on this one (as Tamara was returning from maternity leave just as Renée was going on maternity leave again), managing the theme selection, site design and uploading of all the products.

The site was optimised for on page SEO and products were configured so that clients can shop by product type or by product brand. The site also needed to outline all the treatments and link to the online booking system to encourage clients to book their appointments online.

Work with Tamara

Lindi Kingi & Queen Of The Foxes

When Lindi and Renée connected, Lindi was running her different brands across different websites  and none of them were converting as well as they should have been.

Renée moved all of the BigCommerce stores onto one Shopify site and directed all of the different urls to the one site. This meant that all the brands were available on one site and it made it super easy for Lindi’s long list of wholesale clients to place orders also.

Renée used product types and tags to categorise the products into collections and sub-collections and make it easy to filter to improve the user experience (or UX). Renée optimised every product page for on page search engine optimization (or SEO). 

In the years since, Lindi has sold off two of the brands and Rachel from Wholehearted Agency built Lindi a new site for Queen Of The Foxes.

Work with Renée

Bear & Moo

Renée and Hannah from Bear & Moo have known each other for years - from way back when Hannah had an event hire business.

Hannah launched Bear & Moo to make cloth nappies more affordable, accessible and understandable. It's safe to say that Bear & Moo has grown (and grown and grown) in the years since.

Early in 2022 Hannah was looking for a Shopify specialist to help her out with ongoing website work and to assist on a large project.

Alana has been working with Hannah ever since. Alana has been tapping away at on page SEO, adding new products and assisting with categorising products to improve UX.

Work with Alana


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