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Simple SEO Tips | Baby Got Backlinks

If you've just started your SEO journey, then I recommend you jump over and read this post about SEO basics that I wrote when I realised I had jumped ahead and missed an important step - defining what SEO is and what it means to small business.

If content is king when it comes to SEO, then backlinks must be second in line for the throne (if not first equal). I have a client with an old website on an outdated platform, her site performs very poorly in any and all SEO checkups, but still ranks really well on Google...thanks to backlinks - a mere 160 of them!

A backlink is where another website links to your website. You get bonus SEO points if the website linking to yours ranks highly for SEO, and if the link uses your keywords. For example, the difference between saying "click here to check out the chunky knits" and "shop online for chunky knits here".

The bad news, is that backlinks are the hardest parts of your SEO strategy to manage, the good news is that it's not impossible! If you have an amazing product or an epic service, hopefully people will be eager to write about you on their website and link to your site...sometimes you need to be a bit proactive though!

You might need to write your own content, or pay someone like me to write some keyword rich blog posts, and then get these posts published on other sites.  Make a list of blogs or websites (or websites with a blog section) that have a similar target audience and ask them to feature the content on their site - linking to your site of course.

I touched on this idea in my post about working with influencers. Working with a blogger who is regularly posting content, who gets good traffic and good engagement can increase brand awareness and improve your SEO at the same time. Look for bloggers who have a good "click through rate".

Another way to get backlinks is through directory listings. If you are a wedding venue for example, try and get featured on as many wedding blogs as you can, and have listings on as many wedding directories as you can. A similar strategy is to ask your suppliers to include a link to your site on their stockists page.
Don't forget that social media like Facebook and LinkedIn are websites too.

People sharing links to your site on Facebook and LinkedIn count towards your backlink quota. Be sure to post about your blogs, fresh content or new arrivals on social media, make your blurb engaging enough to get some good click through and hopefully encourage others to share links to your content too!

If you want to chat about your SEO content strategy, and how you can improve your organic search results, or get your content on other websites, get in touch and we can chat.


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